Autumn 2015 - Outgoing Chair

As I step down as Chair, it is my pleasure to welcome Sagiri, our new Chair and the new Board. For those of you who missed the AGM on 17 September, it was an honour for me to report that the Friends had yet another fun, happy and fruitful year. It has been a privilege to have served with such a dynamic Board and a team of talented and dedicated volunteers. We have hosted and organized a diverse programme of talks, lectures, gallery visits and day tours, many of which presented exclusive access to speakers and venues, bespoke itineraries for overseas trips to unique destinations, and produced our own line of very affordable, but attractive products which make perfect gifts. And together, we have been able to support the Art Museum, art education, Young Friends events- supporting emerging young artists, the Art of CUHK 2015 Graduate Show as chief sponsor and in total, 11 gifts to our CUHK students, including grants, awards, internships and scholarships.

We proudly presented Lui Shou Kwan’s Zen Lotus to the Museum in March 2014 and we relaunched Collectors Circle last June to fundraise for another significant piece of artwork for the Art Museum, as well as to build awareness of our museum. We continue our tradition of creating a warm, friendly environment in which the Friends learn, play, and give together.

In the last year, we have worked together with major art organisations, auction houses, art dealers, art fairs, galleries and collectors offering our members and the community opportunities to appreciate art and culture in comfortable and exclusive settings.

I would like to thank Orientations, our new newsletter sponsor for 2015/2016, for their kind support. We look forward to working closely with them to benefit our respective members.

This coming year the new Board sees some changes, together with a small reshuffle of duties.

Sagiri Dayal will be the new Chair. Sagiri is no stranger to long time Friends members as she has been a member of the Friends since the early 2000s and used to run our book group. She has a wealth of experience in the art world and in fundraising. Sagiri will be leading the Friends through our 35th Anniversary year with a very exciting programme working closely with the Art Museum and CUHK.

Cynthia Lackey is the new Vice-chair. Cynthia is our silent guru, who gets everything done and organized so subtly and magically. We are happy that Sagiri will be supported by Cynthia, who will continue to oversee our line of very attractive Friends products.

We are delighted that Candice Lee has become a new Board Member at Large. With her expertise in art events, Candice will focus on Collectors Circle and Connoisseurs gatherings, working closely with Edwin Mok. So together with our band of faithful Board Members, who continue to provide their time, commitment, and dedication, the new Board is ready to go!

I would also like to express our gratitude and appreciation to KPMG, our honorary auditors, for doing a marvelous job.

In the last three years, I have witnessed many positive changes and additions in our programme and in what we are able to achieve. Our new website was born! And we introduced new activities and initiatives such as the very popular Chair’s Series, Young Friends, exclusive gallery and private collection visits, partnership with major auction houses, art fairs and art organisations. Tours have evolved with a new team of volunteers. Our Study Group programme continues to give our members an opportunity to learn about Asian culture and history in a congenial environment. To help with all the organization and work involved, our volunteer group expanded to 20 plus.

The Friends would not be what we are today without the support of our members and we thank each one of you for your friendship, generosity and contribution in every way.

May I also take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsors and partners without whom we would not have been able to do half of what we have been able to achieve, give or enjoy:

Affordable Art Fair

Alisan Fine Arts

Art Basel

Art Central

Asia Society HK

Center Asia Week HK

Asian Art HK


Bonhams HK

CA Design

Chinese Cultural Studies Center

Club Lusitano

Country Holidays

Christie’s HK

Duddell’s Epicurean Group

Galerie Huit


Hong Kong Arts Centre

Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Hongkong Land

Jet Set Art & Graphic Design

K Auction

K Y Fine Art


Latham & Watkins

Le French May

Liang Yi

Museum Maritime Museum


Oi Ling Antiques

Pacific Harbour Group

Press Room

Group Project a

Sandra Walters Art Consultancy

Schmidt Marketing

Sotheby’s HK

The Helena May

The Kee Club

Yick Fung Printing Co

I am delighted we have been able to work so closely with the Art Museum, its directors, Prof Jenny So, Dr Josh Yiu, and Dr Xiaodong Xu. Nicola Chan at the Art Museum and Rita Kwong at the Fine Arts Department have been most helpful dealing with Friends matters. We are very grateful to our Vice Chancellor Prof Joseph Sung, our Patron Mrs Joseph Sung, Prof Harold Mok and the Fine Arts Department for their unfailing support.

On behalf of the Friends, I wish Prof Jenny So a happy retirement. She has been an invaluable counsellor for many and a mentor for all those who have had the opportunity to learn with her.

As I bid you all farewell, I want to thank you for your support and friendship in the last three years, giving me the opportunity to be part of this wonderful charity circle. I hope to see many of you at coming Friends events and rely on your continuous support for the Friends.

Until we meet again, 再見 !