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There are many things impressive about Asia’s abundant art culture, but Hong Kong happens to have, in my opin- ion, the most powerful and provocative young vibe to it that is, slowly but surely, getting more recognition for its exhilarating East meets West character. With Galleries such as Grotto, Pearl Lam, and Galerie Huit supporting young local talent, Hong Kong’s art scene finally has a place to curate the plethora of creativity that is often over- shadowed by Mainland talent.

 M+ just about sums up the way in which Hong Kong’s young art scene has developed through the works of art- ists such as Tsang Kin-wah’s ‘White Porn painting’ series: pornographic sketches mystified with white paint. His ‘Ecce Homo Trilogy’ series also makes an exciting ex- hibit, where he tapes many letters and numbers onto  walls as part of an installation piece based on questioning “the impartiality of a judgment, its existence, and the pow- erlessness of the one being judged at a particular period of time and environment”.

 By young talent, I am referring to newly recognised talent, as well as those who are still living. One must not marginalise the word ‘young’ to refer to the age of the artist but instead to when they began to exhibit their work. Hong Kong’s exciting young and creative environment could do with nurturing the talent of its youth, so that their work could be recognised in Hong Kong earlier, which will, as a result, help build their confidence as artists. Hong Kong could learn from Augsburg’s Art Youth event, which allows two great local artists to hunt for twenty-five young talents in Hong Kong. The twenty-five talents then have the opportunity to be mentored by the artists who chose them for a final grand exhibition. Doing this will inspire the local community to embrace their creative po- tential more often.