Volunteer work----we need you!

Did you know that in 2013 the Friends of the Art Museum, CUHK



·      Contributed HK$1.45 million to the CUHK students and Art Museum?  This provided educational opportunities, funded special exhibits and financed the donation of an important painting.  None of this would have been possible without the support of the Friends’ and its Collector’s Circle. 

·      Offered 36 unique talks, lectures, gallery visits and day tours, many of which presented access to speakers and venues not available to the general public?

·      Produced three issues of a highly-acclaimed newsletter and attracted sponsors to fully underwrite its cost?

·      Offered four overseas trips to destinations requested by our membership with bespoke itineraries?

·      Produced and sold a high quality line of art inspired stationery products, with most of the production cost paid for by generous sponsors?

·      Offered an opportunity for members to learn about Asian culture and history in a congenial and enriching study group programme.




This was all made possible by only 20 members who volunteered their time and expertise.




As an all-volunteer organization, the Friends can only survive if enough members volunteer their time and talents.  Please consider working with the Friends as a volunteer.  It can be in a small or large way – organize one event, sell products, or assume a more substantial responsibility that requires a regular commitment. Whatever way you choose to contribute will be critical to the Friends’ continued success.  Isn’t that what Friends are for?


Please email chair@friendscuhk.com with your interests, talents, and time availability and we will aim to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.