Message from Mr K Y Ng, K Y Fine Art  previous sponsor of the Friends Newsletter

It is my pleasure to support the Friends and be a sponsor for the Newsletter.  

I graduated from the Hong Kong Chinese University in 1968, inherited my father’s business in 1970, and eventually changed the name in 2001 to K.Y.Fine Art, by which it is known today. In the past 40 years, I have never stopped learning, sharing my knowledge with collectors, experts, art lovers, and museum curators. My late father started ‘Luen Chai Curios Store’ in the 1950s. Although he did not have great knowledge of Chinese antiques, he was cautious and discerning in looking at things that he handled. I am indebted to him for this cautious approach in authentication.

It has been most enlightening to see how the market has grown and changed, particularly in the last 40 years since I entered the business. Chinese art is a way of life and it reflects the culture and history of the Chinese people. It shows how one culture has evolved in the history of mankind. This I find absolutely fascinating. I have many interests in Chinese art, but my focus is on ceramics and painting, including calligraphy. I would be delighted to invite the Friends to exclusive visits to my shop so as to share with you my knowledge and views on various aspects of Chinese art.

I am very impressed with the Friends’ work to support the Art Museum, the CU art students and art education in Hong Kong. The many diverse activities that the Friends offer create a ‘FRIENDLY’ way to learn about Chinese art and culture. This is indeed a very noble cause. The Friends Newsletter is a great resource with its abundance of interesting and scholarly articles. It is my privilege to work with such a wonderful group and to be part of a meaningful network. I hope to meet many of you in the near future.

About K. Y. Fine Art

K.Y. Fine Art was established in February 2001 by Mr.K.Y. Ng (Kai-yuen Ng).

Formerly known as Luen Chai, it deals in a wide range of Chinese art objects including fine antique ceramics and contemporary ink paintings.

Under the directorship of Mr. Ng, Luen Chai, the establishment has been featured in numerous shopping guide books including Travel and Leisure; Fiona Campbell, The Guide to Shopping in Hong Kong (FDC Services Ltd Publication, 1996); Valery M. Garrett, Antiques, Art & Crafts in Hong Kong (Times Editions Pte Ltd., Singapore 1996); Living in Hong Kong (American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, 1998-2013).

 K.Y. Ng (Kai-yuen Ng) B.A., cum laude, The Chinese University of Hong Kong A veteran dealer and renowned connoisseur in many aspects of Chinese art and antiques, Mr. K. Y. Ng (Kai-yuen Ng) is one of the most prominent names in the trade. He inherited this business from his father in 1970, two years after his graduation from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He worked as assistant curator for one year in 1975 in the Hong Kong Museum of Art. During the period from 1990 to 2005, he organized eight contemporary Chinese ink painting exhibitions and published eight museum standard catalogues, which are often referred to as reliable resources by renowned auction houses. Over the years, he has worked and continued to learn assiduously, never ceasing to increase his knowledge and to polish his expertise. He is well respected by his friends, colleagues, fellow dealers, artists, museum curators, and collectors at home and abroad.