Message from Galerie Huit, previous sponsor of the Friends Newsletter

I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you, my friends old and new. In my new capacity as Sponsor of the Friends Newsletter. I look forward to a lively, informative, and stimulating involvement with this important publication.

By way of introduction, my interest in the arts goes back several decades, both as an enthusiastic student and an aspiring artist myself and latterly running my own gallery, Galerie Huit, in St Francis Street, Wan Chai. Though I have only been doing this for the past two years, the ex- perience has expanded my cultural horizons and given me a truly global perspective on the art world.

I look forward to introducing you to my featured artists through the pages of the newsletter over the coming year and welcome you all to attend the many exhibition pre- views for members and friends that I will be organising. The artists have been chosen because I feel so excited and enthusiastic about their work and I hope to be able to share that passion with you all.

A magazine such as the Newsletter has an important role in forging a bridge between the arts in the Chinese University and the wider community. It is vital that knowl- edge of what is happening and the wide range of activi- ties on offer reaches as many people as possible. It is this commitment to communication and spreading the word as “apostles of the arts” that has brought me to sup- port you as the new sponsor. I very much look forward to assisting and supporting you all in keeping up the good work in the months ahead.

Jane Chao-Lee

About Galerie Huit:

The concept of Galerie Huit is accessible contemporary art in an informal, welcoming setting. By combining tradi- tional wall exhibits with modern multi-media displays, art lovers can experience the maximum number of pieces, both virtually and in reality. Galerie Huit is definitely differ- ent. It is a multi-dimensional cultural experience. We offer art classes, wine tastings, book readings, and cultural activities to complement our rotating art exhibitions, which feature exciting international artists in many media. We believe that access to vibrant art and living artists is vital  in a healthy, rounded society. We have a clear vision: the best contemporary art for the widest audience. A key component is philanthropy - charitable giving combined with an educational role.