Awards and Scholarships 2015-2016

Friends Research Grant Awards

Miss LI Xiaoxuan, PhD Year 3 student;

Miss CHEN Wenyan, PhD Year 3 student;

 Miss HU Ting Ting, PhD Year 3 student;

Miss NG Ni Na Camellia, PhD Year 3 student;

Mr. TONG Yu, PhD Year 4 student.


Friends Prizes

Miss LIU Mankun, Year 4 student;

Miss WONG Pui Ling, Year 2 student.


Summer Interns at the Art Museum

Miss LAU Wai In Cecilia, Year 4 student;

Miss LI Zi Rui Rose, Year 2 student;

Miss CHEN Xiang Ming Lisa, Year 4 student, HKU.

Miss LI Joyce Y, Year 3 student

WONG, Suet Sum Minnie, Year 3, New York University