Orientations - Sponsor for the Autumn 2015, Spring and Summer 2016 editions

Orientations is pleased to sponsor the Friends of the Art Museum, the Chinese University of Hong Kong newsletters for 2016. Founded by Adrian Zecha in 1969 and based in Hong Kong, Orientations features scholarly articles on Asian art and brings its readers - mostly collectors and connoisseurs - new research written by leading international scholars, along with analysis of art market and collecting trends.

People in China are increasingly interested in their country’s art and cultural heritage. While a vast number of domestic publications are available, until recently there was no journal similar to Orientations in terms of scope and scholarly nature. Several years of planning culminated in a Chinese edition, title 美成在久 (Meichengzaijiu) Orientations, which was published in October 2014. Meichengzaijiu is a saying by Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi which means ‘all good things take a long time’. Every issue of 美成在久 Orientations includes translations of selected articles from our archive, together with locally sourced content. In just one year, the Chinese edition has already built up a loyal following among museum curators, academics, and collectors in China.

A longtime supporter of major Asian art events around the world, Orientations founded Asian Art Hong Kong (AAHK) in 2014. This subsidiary organizes a weeklong event each spring as a platform to enable access to and enhance public awareness of Chinese history, cultural heritage, and Asian art in the city. The first year drew the support of 29 local dealers, who presented special exhibitions in their own galleries.

Yifawn Lee