2018 Annual Newsletter

In September 2012 Dominica Yang, the Chair of the Friends at that time, announced a new branch of the Friends, ‘Young Friends’. The dedication and enthusiasm of Alex Choa saw the establishment of an exciting and vibrant group, bringing together the talents and energy of a younger generation through art and art appreciation social events.

One of the main aims has been to give a voice to young emerging Hong Kong artists and their work, resulting in many interesting exhibitions, in particular ‘’Visions to the Future” an exhibition at the Rotunda. Participating artists included Zaffer Chan Sui Ying, Cheung Sze Lit, Barbara Choi Tak Yee, Ho Kwun Ting and Shum Kwan Hon.

If you are interested in joining the Young Friends, or co-hosting an event, please contact us at youngfriendscuhk@gmail.com.