Study Group Spring 2019


The Study Group has just concluded an enthralling Autumn term looking at Asian Architecture with particular emphasis on China and Japan. Members researched and prepared presentations on a diversity of subjects including pre War architecture of Tokyo, the buildings on the Bund in Shanghai, the Gold and Silver temples in Kyoto, the Potala Palace, Dou Gong, Suzhou Gardens and Tulous amongst others.

After discussion it was agreed amongst the group that the Spring 2019 term would have the same theme of Asian Architecture but concentrating on South East Asia.


Such a theme gives plenty of scope for members to choose from a wide range of countries, cultures and religions expressed in the local architecture in the region and should prove again to be a fascinating time for learning more about our neighbouring part of the world.


Date:              Term starts on Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 11:15 and will continue until late March/early April.


Venue:          Multi function room A, H6 Conet, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road, Central, HK.


Fees:               To be confirmed. About HK500 for the term



If you would join us for the Spring term do please let Patrick Moss know at