Chair's Christmas message 2020

Chair's Christmas Message


I wish all our members and their loved ones a very healthy, merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


The year 2020 was difficult, full of contrast and ultimately a triumph of human genius over adversity. 


What Covid 19 is causing in terms of human misery is something that the World has not experienced for decades. Despite the heartbreaks, as humanity fought back against the virus, the world saw plenty of heart-warming stories of mutual support, stoic humour and incredible creativeness online. People the world over seek to keep each other company while physically apart, and with the internet, we have succeeded greatly in narrowing our distances despite our enforced separation.


The arrival of multiple vaccines in record time must surely rank as one the greatest human achievements in all times. Medical workers everywhere must be feted for their selflessness and dedication. With the new vaccines and improved treatments, scientists and medical workers are leading the turning of the tide against the Covid scourge. I hope everyone will celebrate their efforts, protect and support them by doing our small part in observing social distancing and personal hygiene measures. 


Few of our fellow Hong Kongers would have expected 2020 to be an even more difficult year after a cheerless 2019. However, this year our community has been more fortunate than most and has suffered much less in human toll and economic damages. The Museum and the Friends are obviously not immune to these problems and suffered long periods of closure and many cancellations of exhibitions and events. With the help of a dedicated board, I look forward to a gradual normalisation of our operations in the new year. 


In this festive season of hope and joy, and the imminent implementation of large scale inoculation, humanity has indeed much to look forward to in the coming year. The simplest of pleasures of seeing our loved ones, regular company of friends, crowded events, lively restaurants and packed theatres to name but a few. We are social animals. And Society is coming back into fashion next year!