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From time to time, the Friends of the Art Museum, the CUHK, Ltd., produces a membership directory for Friends's purposes and related matters only.
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Please tick the category you desire: Single Member: $500
Joint Member: $600
Young Friends (<35) / Students: $100
Life Member single: $8,000
Life Member joint:$10,000

Make crossed cheque payable to : "The Friends of The Art Museum, the CUHK Ltd" and mail to the Friends Membership Coordinator, GPO Box 9861, Hong Kong.

Please note that the mailing label of your newsletter indicates your membership number and expiry date.


You can pay electronically at

Due to processing charges fees are:   Single membership HK$530 or Joint Membership HK$650


We are all volunteers and greatly appreciate any help you can offer. If you would like to assist us with any of our activities, please let us know.

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