CHINESE INCENSE. Friends members only. Max. 12 participants
Date & Time:Thursday, 16 Jul, 2020 5:30 pmVenue:CHINESE CULTURAL STUDIES CENTER, 304 LYNDHURST BUILDING, 29 LYNDHURST TERRACE, CENTRAL, HONG KONGCost:HK$200 includes wine and/or tea and Friends souvenir. Registration after 6 pm on 29 June is (O is the letter not zero!)Contact:Lucia Ho at

Oi Ling Chiang, the Founder of The Chinese Cultural Studies Center, will give a talk in two parts. The first will be a brief historical background of the appearance of the pulu, (Books on Material Culture and Nature Studies), a sub category of traditional Chinese bibliographies, specifically xianpu (books on incense) in China.


The second part will explore how the Chinese literati of old used the art of incense to create special moments in which to meditate as well as to explore their intellectual thoughts and inquiries.


For the demonstration , Mei Ling Chiang, will prepare three types of incense to share, including the most valued qinan, a high quality agarwood, a type of resinous wood which, when heated, will emit an alluring fragrance which is complex and long lasting. In addition to sharing of different methods of incense appreciation we will discuss the history of incense art and handle different censers and incense related paraphernalia from history.


Mei Ling Chiang studied incense art under the tutelage of Doctor Liu Ching-Min who was in turn taught by Liu Liang-Yu.