Talk: The Chair's Series XII: Nelly Fung, Dear Mother Putman
Date & Time:Thursday, 19 Mar, 2015 6:30 pmVenue:Sotheby's HK 5th Floor, One Pacific Place 88 Queensway Hong KongCost:Hk$300 Members Hk$400 Non-members Hk$100 Young Friends Hk$200 Full time students (includes 1 year Young Friends membership)Contact:Cynthia Lackey at

Nelly will share with us her journey through editing her father's diary, tales and recounts from both her father and her mother, her own sentiments and the diary's relevance to history. Marcial Lichauco's diary is a fascinating day to day account of wartime Manila during the Japanese occupation, an amazing first hand account of the war years in Manila. Marcial, a successful lawyer, was well connected politically, a tireless advocate for Philippine independence  and later became Philippine Ambassador to the UK. Nelly's mother, Jessie, is an American, originally from Cuba, who moved to the Philippines in 1933 and has been living there for over 80 years, adopting the country and people as her own.

About our speaker:

Cornelia (Nelly) Lichauco Fung is the eldest daughter of the late  Philippine Ambassador Marcial P. Lichauco, the author of the war diary, "Dear Mother Putnam - Life and Death in Manila During the Japanese Occupation, 1941-1945." Born during the Japanese occupation of Manila, she was educated in the Philippines and the United States. She graduated from Wellesley College, Massachusetts with a degree in history.  She is married to Kenneth Hing Cheung Fung and Hong Kong has been her home since 1967. 

Nelly has edited and republished her father's war diary and to re-publish it, with a glossary, a chronology of events, and photographs in order to mark the 70th anniversary of the  end of World War II in Asia and the Battle of Manila. 

Nelly has previously written: " Beneath the Banyan Tree: My Family Chronicles" a history of five generations of her family and "Fung Ping Shan, the Man, His Life, and His Library" a history of her grandfather-in-law in collaboration with Dr. Y.C. Wan of the University of Hong Kong.


Sotheby's HK has kindly offered a private viewing of their two Avant Garde Asia shows prior to the talk, timing to be confirmed:

GUTAI AND ITS LEGACY  examines how a group of radical Japanese artists endeavored to reinvigorate art in the region. Their expressive methodologies, often involving performances and installations, recorded critical Asian art history onto canvass.

LINES OF KOREAN MASTERS  presents a comprehensive group of paintings created from the 1960s to the post-millennium by Korean artists looking to break through traditional Asian aesthetics. Renowned for a distinctly Korean whiteness, these artists also infused their art with calligraphic elegance.