After the success of the 2021 Spring Study Group we have chosen again to embark upon a study of an entire country and in this instance, Russia. It is a vast subject but one which can satisfy the interests of so many with its long history, culture, personalities, cuisine and life styles stretching from Europe to Asia . Already we have “expressions of interest” in a number of subjects including the Trans Siberian Railway, Carl Fabergé, Caviar and Borscht, the Decembrist Exiles, the State Hermitage Museum and Moscow’s train stations.

One of the benefits of Study Group has always been the pleasurable aspect of meeting together. However we are considering opening up SG to Friends who no longer live in Hong Kong but would like to join us with their own presentation via Zoom. There are some practical problems but we hope we can overcome them so that our group can be extended in this way to former group members within “friendly” time zones.
If you are interested in joining us later in the year please let Patrick Moss know at 

[email protected]

You will be most welcome.