Study Group spring 2018 The Arts and Crafts of Japan (2)

The theme of the ASutumn term of the Study Group the Arts and Crafts of Japan proved very popular. It provoked a number of fascinating topics chosen and presentedd by members ranging from the works of Hokusai and Hiroshige, marketing of beauty products, lacquer, folk dolls, netsuke and ukiyo-e.However there remain many more examples of Japanese art and the country’s long history of craftsmanship.Accordingly we have decided to continue with this subject for another term.

From 27 February we shall meet every Tuesday at 10 am at the Education Room of the Maritime Museum in Centrtal followed by an optional lunch together. There will be no meeting on 3 April.

If you wouold like to join us in thje Spring please send an expression of interest to Patrick Moss at [email protected] and we will be in touch.